• Colcanna is in the process of land readiness and greenhouses construction of the highest technology following European standards.

  • At Colcanna’s farm we have two natural water sources for irrigation.

  • Colcanna is located in the safest area of Colombia and the coffee zone has the highest quality of life indexes in the country.

  • Our processing center will be strategically located and has 4G access roads and nearby international airports, which will guarantee an efficient export of its derivatives.


Colcanna SAS is a Colombian company dedicated to the cultivation of cannabis and fabrication of natural medicinal extracts of excellent quality, focused on satisfying the needs and requirements of natural medicines for the international pharmaceutical market.  With our corporate social responsibility policies, we are ensuring the care of the environment, safety of our workers and associates while complying with the legal requirements and aiming at the continuous improvement of our processes.


We were the first company in the Coffee Zone of Colombia with cultivation and manufacturing licenses for the production of medicinal cannabis. Our objective is to provide the international market with our high quality pharmaceutical products, for Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe.

Our vision for the year 2022 is to become a consolidated and recognized company in the national and international markets in the production and commercialization of natural medicinal extracts of excellent quality.

Colcanna has more than 54 acres of cultivating area that will be able to produce 5 harvests per year.


Total legalization to cultivate, transform and export medicinal cannabis extracts.


A country without temperate seasons. Perfect for cultivation throughout the year without the need for artificial weather control.


Low labor cost and expenses in general compared to developed countries.

Very favorable public safety conditions.

Colombia has a strategic geographical position allowing Colcanna’s distribution channels to easily reach anywhere globally.